Why am I here?

Remember me? Probably not. But that’s okay. I am here to let you know that I am rebooting my YouTube channel and putting up a blog. And, why should you care? Well, let me tell you.

But first, a little bit about me. I am approaching thirty years old. I graduated from university a couple of years go and my current job has absolutely nothing to do with my degree. That doesn’t bother me so much, I mean, the skills I learned in school are transferable and I could always go back in a few years if I really wanted to. But, I do catch myself wondering what it is I should be doing? Do I have a specific career “calling”, because if I do, I haven’t heard it yet. And I guess you could say I am losing time.

Anyway, the job I have now is pretty good. I supervise a small, non-clinical office within a hospital, and I really do enjoy it. Yet, there is progress to be made. With a little bit of education and skill building I should be able to find a better position within this industry.


So, I’m starting a blog and a YouTube channel? Why am I telling you about my career?

If you’ve seen my YouTube videos from the past, you know that I have an interest in productivity, planning, organization, and personal development. I love stationary and finding excuses to use it. I love pens, pencils, highlighters, paper, markers, notebooks, and planners. I enjoy working on my own personal development and striving for improvement. I am also a Libra. And naturally (probably moreso, coincidentally), I walk around touting the importance of balance. And at this point of my life going forward, I am working to achieve the perfect work-life balance. I want to truly enjoy and be proud of the work I do and I want to be able to be happy and at peace when I am at home.

The plan for this blog is to document my journey establishing the perfect work-life balance (for me) and this will include covering various topics on personal and professional development, for you! Topics will include, but won’t be limited to, organized living, healthy-ish living, personal development, career development, book reviews on similar topics, 30-day challenges, personal budgeting, fitness, and much, much more!

Why? Well, I am doing this for a couple of reasons. First, I keep finding myself looking for a way to make my free time more productive. Second, I need a new creative outlet, and I am not an artist by any means. I am more of a writer and as some of you may know, I have dabbled in video making and editing in the past.

Why does this all matter to you? If you’re looking for ways to improve your life, if you’re looking for ways to prioritize your work-life balance, or if you enjoy lifestyle content, then stick around, you might like what you find!

If anything above sounds like something you are interested in, please follow along, and subscribe!

Thanks for reading, and welcome to By The Scales.